Thursday, April 14, 2011

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SBI HRMS SBI's HRMS portal is SAP enabled Human Resources Management System. By Login to Users and Administrator can accomplish HR related task. Read more details about SBI's HRMS portal here.

SBI (state bank of India) is biggest commercial bank of India. Around 370,000 employees are working in this bank. The abbreviation of Human Resources Management System is HRMS. It works for human welfare. With the help of SAP (System analyze and Programming wick lung) software, SBI is increasing their business requirements and appointing educated employees for every departments.
The main purpose of HRMS is to appoint right person to the right place at right time. The chief idea of to implement SAP is to give progress in the areas of human capital management and enterprise resource planning such as e- learning, virtual classrooms, career development and succession planning, competency assessment, performance management and property management. SAP select employees as per bank needs.

Procedure of Subscribing to SBI HRMS PORTAL
First enter your e-mail address in the box which is given to the right side of the Home page. After that, click on subscribe button.

Steps for new user to access HRMS.

Define required training with your Supervisor using the Security Access Form and assistance from your Campus Security Coordinator, if needed.
Register and complete the required online New User Training courses and assessments.
Following the required online training, send completed HRMS Security Access Form to your Campus Security Coordinator
If necessary, register for and attend Instructor-led HRMS class for people, Full Access and/or Approvers (exception, Time Collection only approvers).
Receive email from UMS with User ID and instructions to obtain password
For more information about SBI HRMS portal and login process, visit hrms sbi